Angling Safari – Jim Corbett National Park

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Right outside and flowing into Corbett national park, the Western Ramganga is a classic spring fed mahaseer river. This is one of the few rivers where a grand slam of Mahaseer, Indian Trout and Goonch is possible in the same day- you just need to get away from the pet fish and resort side pools. Combine a trip to the park to complete the Indian jungle experience- it’s not unusual to fish alongside tigers sometimes. Best fishing, early February till early June and then October till mid-November.

Eastern Ramganga Big, fast mahaseer. Not fishable without a planned expedition, the righteous Eastern Ramganga itinerary takes one along pools fished maybe twice a year. The fishing is preserved by lack of habitation and its ills. This trip is not for the slight of constitution or the short of time. Best fishing, March till early June and then in end September till late October, depending on the rains.