Tigris Trail is a team of personnel well versed in the Nature Tourism and dedicated to the service of patrons since we belong to the same locality as that of Jim Corbett National Park and area is beyond, we are familiar with the Nook & Corner of the surrounding area.“Tigris Trail” is a Package Tours & Hotel Promotion Company that offers a range of travel solutions. The product offering of “The Basket of Uttarakhand” consists of customized vacation packages, hotel bookings and car rentals. “Tigris Trail” offers the best deals on Hotel Reservations and holiday packages across Uttarakahand and other popular travel destinations in India.In just Six years of our existence, we have created a unique niche for ourselves as one of the leading travel & Hotel Promotion Company. We offer customized packages to suit the unique needs and tastes of our guests as we believe that no two individuals are alike and have same needs. We provide personalized services to our clients, so as to ensure their complete satisfaction. The long list of our repeat clientele bears testimony to the fact that we walk that extra mile to provide more value and comfort for each penny spent.We have achieved high international service standards by constantly analyzing and fulfilling visitors’ needs and exceeding the expectations. Our quick turn-around times and instant responses elevate our service standards much above the prevailing competition. We have a nationwide network of associates which help us provide high quality services to our valued clients all round the year.As a responsible travel company, we lay great emphasis on responsible and mindful travel that calls for protecting the local environment and culture. It is our constant endeavour  to make positive contribution to the local ethos, customs and community, thereby ensuring a rewarding, inspiring and positive travel experience. About Uttarakhand Uttarakhand  – the land of gods, the home of Himalayas and truly a paradise on earth, allures everyone from everywhere. The fresh air, the pure water, the chilling snow, the adversing mountains, the scenic beauty, the small villages, the simpler people and a tougher lifesytle is what that distinguishes Uttaranchal from rest of the world.Hill stations of Uttarakhand are gateways to some veiled enchanting place offering beauty with exquisiteness. Uttarakhand is almost entirely situated on the mountains of the gigantic Himalayan range. There are numerous hill stations in Uttarakhand offering serene environs, captivating views and salubrious weather.Hill stations are visited by honeymooners to spend romantic time together, corporate people to take a break, traveler to enjoy the beauteousness of nature, family to enjoy vacation and creative persons to enhance their creativity level with fresh ideas. Uttarakhand tourisms stations is a compilation of several popular destinations of Uttarakhand which are popular with the masses and have frequented visitors. Don’t search reasons for planning a holiday in the hill stations of Uttaranchal and simply pack your bags to take pleasure in the pristine scenery of the Himalayas.The State is also a treasure house of exotic flora and fauna and is an ideal location for eco-tourism, as well as wildlife tourism. The world-famous Jim Corbett National Park  is the pride of Uttaranchal. Other important sanctuaries are, Rajaji National Park, Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, Asan Barrage, Chilla etc.Last but not the least, the rich cultural traditions and the cool and invigorating climate of Uttarakhand sums up for a perfect holiday destination to relax and unwind.