Open Jeep (Gypsy) Safari at Jim Corbett

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We Book / Arrange Corbett Jeep Safari Tour / Dhikala Canter Safari for visitors to Jim Corbett National Park. There are two timing of Open Gypsy Safari / Canter Safari fixed by the Forest Department First Early In the Morning After Sun Rise & Second in Afternoon ( from 1.30 PM to 2,30 As per Summer/Winter season ) from Different Gates of Tiger Reserve as per below details.

Dhikala Zone is famous for Canter safari ( Like Open Bus having Capacity of 16 Peoples sitting together with a Common Naturalist in the Canter ) bookings through Tickets issued by Forest department.

Corbett Jeep Safari Tour

Booking Note – we need One Photo Id Number of every participant who are interested for Safari with full name and age to book the safari and same they have to carry at the time of visit as its cross check by the forest officials. For More details plz call an expert on +91 790041 7786 or mail Us on or fill the inquiry form on our website and we will get back to you.

About Jim Corbett National Park & Safari Zones 

Nestled into green forest-rich densely jungle the Jim Corbett National Park is a heavenly paradise which you should hug for greatest celestial serenity found nowhere on earth. Situated in Nainital of Uttarakhand the Corbett Park boasts of being bestowed by nature with supernatural effects of beautiful flora and fauna of mountainous region. It has immeasurable treasure of rejuvenating climate which you shouldn’t miss to plunder with Jeep Safari. Being unique ecotourism hub it is the must-be-visited tourist destination with hypnotizing ambience, gushing river, imperious mountains and greenery of rejuvenating jungle. Moving on the Jeep Safari you’ve got to be welcomed by majestically walking Bengal Tiger amidst the spellbinding beauty of environment hereof. Spread over more than five hundred kilometers green landscape the Jim Corbett has the treasure of gorgeous birds, carnivores and amphibians. Some of the tourist attractions in Jim Corbett National Park which will keep mesmerizing you in all the time to come are Dhikala, Bijrani, Jhirna, Dhela, Durgadevi & Corbett Landscape zone.

Bijrani Zone Safari:

Gate – Bijrani Corbett Jeep Safari Tour gate –

Quick Points – Bijrani Zone Charges Starting From Rs. 4,500/- Per Gypsy

  • Entry Gate – Aamdanda / Bijrani Gate
  • From Ramnagar – 02 km
  • Open and Closed Time : 15th October to 15th June every Year
  • Safari Type : Day Visit Safari ( Morning & Afternoon )
  • Maximum Number of Safari – 30 Jeeps per Shift (2 Shifts Morning & Afternoon )
  • Time Of Safari – 03 hours 30 min


For Bijrani Zone entry is through Amdanda Gate. Bijrani has mixed topography with thick sal forests interspersed with grasslands. Bijrani zone is the best zone after the Dhikala zone to detect the tiger. The beautiful scene of this zone, which comprises of vast grass fields known as Chaurs and dense Sal forest. Relatively like the Dhikala zone there are more chances of tiger spotting. Once you reach the bijrani guest house you can avail the elephant ride also, its available on first reach-get basis. From the machans set up visitors can view wild animals in their natural habitat. Vast stream beds and steep cliff edges provides good opportunity for bird watching. The bijrani tourism zone is open from the 15th October to 30th June. Amid rainstorm it is shut as a result of the poor streets in the forest. There is No power in these rest houses. The Corbett jeep safari tour for bijrani is the most preferred area for the tiger sighting during Corbett jeep safari tour compared to jhirna / Dhela and durga devi area.

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Jhirna Zone & Dhela Zone both are in Almost same Location

Gate – Jhirna Gate Corbett Jeep Safari Tour gate – Starting From Rs. 4,500/- Per Gypsy

Quick Points – Jhirna Zone

  • Entry Gate – Jhirna Gate
  • From Ramnagar – 16 km
  • Open and Closed Time : Round The Year
  • Safari Type : Day Visit Safari ( Morning & Afternoon )
  • Maximum Number of Safari – 30 from Jhirna & 15 from Dhela Jeeps per Shift
  • Time Of Safari – 03 hours 30 min


 Jhirna Zone in Corbett National Park is through Dhela Gate which is 20 kms from the bijrani zone entry. Jhirna tourism zone lies in the southern piece of the premises of the recreation center. Corbett Jeep Safari tour at the Jhirna Zone in Corbett National Park is open consistently. It is the only tourism zone of the Corbett national park which remains open throughout the year. Its topography is mainly dry deciduous and secondary forest with large open grasslands. Jhirna Zone is open throughout year.

Sitavani Safari ( Corbett Landscape Zone ) Jim Corbett Jeep Safari tour

Gate – Sitabani Gate – Corbett Jeep Safari Tour – Starting From Rs. 4,000/- Per Gypsy

Quick Points – Corbett Landscape Zone

  • Entry Gate – Sitabani Gate
  • From Ramnagar – 15 km
  • Open and Closed Time : Round The Year
  • Safari Type : Day Visit Safari ( Morning & Afternoon )
  • Maximum Number of Safari – As Per Demand
  • Time Of Safari – 03 hours 30 min

Sitavani is a hard forest zone. Not a part of the Corbett Tiger Reserve, but rather is the main spot for feathered creature viewing in Jim Corbett. Sitavani forest zone likewise has a well known sanctuary which is devoted to Lord Shiva. It would without a doubt be an extraordinary plan to take a visit round this zone and get a glimpse of it. The whole place is ensured and kept up by Archeological Survey of India (ASI). The Corbett Jeep safari tour takes one to the ancient temple of Goddess Sita. According to a legend, this is the place where Goddess Sita disappeared into the earth. Sitavani Zone is open throughout year. Corbett national park authority does not offer the entry into this zone. Rather, Sitavani Forest Department provides the permits to jeep safari in this district. Preferably early morning drive is the best to view wildlife like tiger, sambar, barking deer, porcupine, King cobra and lots more. Sitavani is well known to have visiting wild elephants and tiger all round the year as both the animals frequently visit river kosi for water and get across to raid the crops and lift the domestic animals from the village.

Durga Devi Open Gypsy Safari gate:

Quick Points – Durgadevi Zone – Starting From Rs. 4,800/- Per Gypsy

  • Entry Gate – Durgadevi
  • From Ramnagar – 27 km
  • Open and Closed Time : 15th October to 15th June every Year
  • Safari Type : Day Visit Safari ( Morning & Afternoon )
  • Maximum Number of Safari – 15 Jeeps per Shift (2 Shift in a day)
  • Time Of Safari – 03 hours 30 min


Located in the northeastern corner of the Jim Corbett National park, the Durgadevi zone boasts of having the most beautiful landscape in the park. The hilly terrain with the lush green forest and the intense tranquility is what defines the magnificent beauty of the Durgadevi Safari zone in the Corbett. especially known for being the home to a large number of Domestic & Migrated birds. Literally, the zone is a paradise for the bird Lovers. Enriching the peaceful wilderness of this zone, there are diverse species of wild animals are gracing this part of the Corbett forest and attracts a large number of tourists every year. The Corbett forest department organizes day jeep safari in this zone to explore natural beauty of this Corbett.

The prime species of the flora of the zone includes Sheesham, Sisoo, Dhak, and Khair which are found in abundance in the Zone. Other vegetations of the zone, such as Chir Pine, Chir Choti, Gajar Sot, Banj Oak, Kanju, Jamun, Aamla, etc. are seen growing in most of the park area. The common fauna species of the zone are the Royal Bengal Tiger, Wild Boar, Wild Asian Elephant, various species of Deer like Spotted Deer, Sambar Deer, Barking Deer, Chital, Rhesus Monkey, Black Faced Monkey, Jackal, etc. The Durgadevi zone has the greater number of wild elephants than the other zones in the Corbett Park so this zone is particularly famous for the magnificent sighting of wild elephants and for the birding. The river water of the zone is the home to the famous Mahsheer fish which can be seen in the river channels of the zone.

Dhikala Zone ( Canter Safari )

Canter Safari gate – ( Like an Open Bus Usually Pick up & Drop from Forest Reservation center at Town Ramnagar )

Quick Points – Dhikala Zone ( Open Canter Safari )

Bookings would be available as Per Ticket Per Person – Rs. 1,499/- Per Person including service charge.

  • Entry Gate – Dhangarhi Gate
  • From Ramnagar – 20 km
  • Open and Closed Time : 15th November to 15th June every Year
  • Safari Type : Day Visit Canter Safari ( Morning 06.00 AM & Afternoon 11.00 AM )
  • Maximum Number of Safari – 15 Seater Open Bus Kind ( Canter Safari )
  • Time Of Safari – 04 hours 30 min


Forest Rest House: Dhikala, Gairal, Sarpduli, Sultan Forest Rest House:

Dhikala zone keeps the High status among all the Safari zones of the Corbett Park. It is the most sought after zone for the day safari as well as for the night stay in the Dhikala forest rest house. Situated in the area of the Patildun valley, Dhikala zone is the largest zone of the Corbett Park and having a large variety of flora & fauna. The landscape of this zone, which consists of large grasslands known as Chaurs, dense Sal tree forest and various channels of Ramganga River offer you the enchanting view of nature. The panoramic view of the broad valley overlooking the Kanda Ridge in the backdrop is really a magnificent scene. Considered as the best zone for tiger sighting, it is the most preferred choice for the night stay by the wildlife lovers. Other animals like wild elephants, Spotted Deer, Wild pigs, Hog Deer and Barking Deer are mostly seen in this region. If gets lucky, one may see the tiger chasing a deer in the grassland or beside the water streams. Also, a wide range of bird species found here, which are like the feast to the eyes of the bird-watchers. In the Dhikala zone, there is no jeep safari available for day visitors. However, one can enjoy the day tour through the Canter safari offered by the forest officials of the Dhikala zone. The Canter safari is an open bus safari with the 16 seats in a bus and total of 2 buses are allowed in one shift. You have to book your seat for the canter safari in advance and you have to visit at the Entry gate of the Dhikala zone to catch the canter safari.

 For More details plz call an expert on +91 7900 41 7786 or mail Us on or fill the inquiry form on our website and we will get back to you.

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