Dhikala Canter Safari – Jim Corbett

Dhikala Canter Safari – Jim Corbett

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Dhikala is one of the most prominent tourist place in Corbett. It is the largest and most alluring zone of Corbett national park with nigh of the dhikala canter safari routes on the side of Ramganga river. Ramganga river is the succor of Dhikala zone and is the reason for good density of wildlife in the region. Every season brings au courant form of charm in Dhikala zone and is a gratification for those who love nature and wildlife.

Dhikala is the tagged after the chaur or grassland of Dhikala which is one of the prodigious grasslands in Asia. The tourism range of Dhikala zone has sal forests, mixed forests, river beds, grasslands aiding life of bizarre species of wildlife. Dhikala is one of the few places in the country which It is the only zone of Corbett National Park which has colossal population of crocodiles and gharial maggar. It is also a beautiful place for those who yearn to relax in the natural environment away from the filthy cities.

Dhikala Canter safari in Corbett is the one of the prominent way to explore the Dhikala forest, for those who are staying outside the Corbett  reserve, touring by gypsy is not accorded in Dhikala zone during day time. However one can travel in this area by a canter which takes in 18 passengers and starts off from Ramnagar in the morning and afternoon respectively. These tours are called as Ramganga organized tour and sanctioned by the Corbett Reserve.

Dhikala Canter safari provides abundant whimsical ride inside Corbett National Park where the richest mindedness of animals occur. The hindmost safari experience beef up the chance of spotting the courtly Royal Bengal Tiger resting in their natural habitats. Though, day visit to Dhikala Tourism Zone is not allowed except in the Canter safari tour that is organized by the Corbett Tiger Reserve authority.

Visitors can book online Dhikala Canter Safari for Dhikala zone of Corbett National Park. All the procedures of Dhikala Canter Safari Booking at Corbett is organised by the forest officials as per the protocol of India’s forest department. Though all the zones have robust populace of tigers and wildlife calibration are proclaimed more or less same. All these visible features are habituated by the authorised automated computerized system to ensure the equal distribution of safari vehicles in respective zones.

The flowering attraction among the precisely rich wildlife in Dhikala zone is the Royal Bengal Tiger and the Asiatic elephants. Apart from the tigers and elephants, the Dhikala zone is habitat to an enormous number of bizarre wild fauna which repose of leopards, spotted deer, sambhar deer, hog deer, langurs, wild boars, crocodiles and many other animals and reptiles. To the hilarity of the tourists, this zone is fairly populated with these big animals and thus most often tourists have been bequeathed with the elegant make out of the Royal Bengal tigers and herds of Asiatic elephants.

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